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Shuttergenic Photography

Coal Creek Falls | Washington


The warmer weather today was welcomed. The lady and I decided to take advantage of the warm weather, by heading out to the nearest trail for a nice hike, and this was a perfect photo opportunity because it has been a while since my last outdoor/nature photography adventure. Although I have top secret vacation planned for the next couple weeks, and there will be some photos to share, you will all have to wait for that one. But until then, I present to you, Coal Creek Falls. This place is about 15 minutes away from home, which was perfect because the sun was about to set in a few hours.  The trail being fairly easy, also meant that we could bring along both of our puppies and they could enjoy the outdoors with us.  The best part of this trail is the end, and you will also know why it is called Coal Creek Falls from the photos below. 0O1A8282