Shuttergenic Photography

Shuttergenic Photography

The Outer Banks | North Carolina


  With 2014 behind us, I could not help but think about all of the failures and success I have endured throughout this past year. Overall, it was a great year.  I was able to further my photography by learning how to apply ND filters and perform long exposure shots. Additionally, I managed to acquire  a new lens.  Although it took me many attempts, I did capture beautiful photos throughout the Pacific Northwest, as well as winning a photo contest.

At first, I did not know what my primary focus was when it came to photography. I just ended up trying everything --- weddings, portrait, landscape, sports, events, etc. You name it, and I was there with my camera.   However with this year, it dawned on me that landscape photography was my calling, with all the traveling I do, it just feels right. The thing about nature is that she can be so calm and peaceful and in an instant become the opposite.  Capturing sunrises and sunsets will never get old. Ironically enough, going through my early photography work, I realized that a majority of the photos were landscape shots.

Reflecting back, I remember how excited and happy I was to start shooting, even if it was just something to do and share with my family and friends. That same excitement flows through me today when I take my landscape photos. Below are some moments I captured from, The Outer Banks. These photos remind me to focus on the things I love the most.  In this upcoming year, 2015, there will be plenty of new travels, and I'm looking forward to capturing them and sharing them with all of you. Happy New Year!